hindsight & fortune telling // blog post thirteen

can it really already be time to write what seems to be the last blog post for the semester? wow. that honestly came out of nowhere. I find myself wishing I was more prompt with these blogs, and almost that there had been more of them.

in regards to thoughts that I’m compiling for my essay, I think the most effective piece that I will be referencing is wesch’s “anthropological introduction to youtube.” so many of his points transcended the concept of just writing, or just making your own media, that I should be able to connect them with my own experience. also, the style gurus will obviously be involved as our movies are basically based on them. but the other piece I want to bring in is my other favorite from the semester – dennis baron’s “from pixels to pencils.” his points about the ways in which technology have both grown with society and shaped society at the same time are ringing even more true after the different readings and projects we’ve done. even the fact that we are taking an online class and doing assignments such as analyzing youtube commercials show that technology has completely integrated itself into our lives and is forever evolving. and similar to baron’s discussion of the pencil or even the telephone, youtube was at first not a big deal and not respected. just like apple and the simple concept of the “www.” but here we are today, typing away at keyboards and living through pixels as if we never knew anything. because really, our generation hasn’t known much else.

with all of these things in mind, the angle I want to take for my reflection on the movie process is a classic compare and contrast concept. seeing the contrast in how different it may have been even a short time ago, such as 5 years: the equipment available to us has gotten better, the means of communication have flourished and the ways to submit them have changed. and then, knowing that some things are the same. group members are difficult, topics are based on ancient literary theory, and we will receive a grade. I guess what I’ve taken away most from this course is that writing, technology and style are entwined indefinitely, and although they are ever-changing, they will never cease to be related to each other in simple ways.


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