final peer review thoughts // blog post twelve

in all honesty, I loved doing editing for the style project. both of the other projects in my group were great concepts and well done, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. I felt that there wasn’t even much editing to do because people put so much thought into their concepts that they carried themselves really well. also, I think we’ve all grown accustomed to working with google docs and therefore editing with it has been easier. my brother recently sent me a paper to edit on gdocs, and I was actually really mad at  him for not setting it so that I could edit it. I had to email him and tell him how to do it, which is ironic because only a few months ago I had no clue gdocs even existed. it was frustrating that my formatting didn’t come out quite as planned with gdocs, but I’m going to work with it and try to make it still look how I wanted it.

one comment that I realized I’ve gotten consistently through all the reviews was about the use of the serial comment. I really seem to have trouble remembering to use it, but luckily my peer groups have always caught it and been able to point me in the right direction. I also have been told more than once to expand on a point so I will need to continue to try to use as much detail as possible in my papers. as far as comments that I usually give out, I tend to like to focus on flow and concept clarification rather than simple grammatical things.

I’ve actually grown to enjoy the peer editing process instead of dread it as I did at the beginning. I think using gdocs as a platform helped a lot, and I think that it was easier to do online than in person. I hope that this loss of aversion to peer editing can carry over to my other classes because I think once I got over the idea of other people telling me how to fix my writing, their ideas did help me write better papers.


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