everyone else says… // blog post eleven


the first point I want to talk about is one that Amanda W. made (http://awagoner2011.wordpress.com/) in her entry comparing s&w to williams. she was talking about the concept of whether reading the style guides sooner could have helped us succeed in college more. she sums it up by saying “if we were better prepared would redundancy be less of an issue?” I think she has raised a good question, but I’m not sure what the answer is. it’s possible that by implementing style guides earlier in school, kids would have the advice imprinted on their brains by the time they get to college. but it’s also possible that they would adhere so strictly to the rules they would lose sight of how to write creatively. it might be a good idea to at least introduce the guides in high school so that students can have a knowledge of what kind of rules they’ll need to follow in the future, and to give them some practice working and revising with them. but its important to make sure they also learn how to integrate their voice into their work as well as formal style.

something that I noticed a few different people discuss was the concept brought up by both style guides of putting the emphasis of a point at the end of a sentence. Lisa (http://kassiopia26.wordpress.com/) and Diamond (http://djacks41.wordpress.com/) both talked about it. and after reading their posts, I have to agree that this advice is a really good way to easily make changes to your writing. I will  be using it in my revision for part 1 of the style guide. Diamond explained Williams point pretty easily: “you should set the reader up with information and then build on it up until the main point.” I’ve always done it the other way around by introducing my point and then building on it, but it actually makes to sense to try and do it the other way around. I kind of wonder why I never thought to do this before, especially because when they taught us the 5 paragraph essay structure in middle school, you were supposed to put your strongest point last so that it would stick in the reader’s head. why not do the same with sentences? and it makes even more sense when you connect it to one of the style guide gurus other main points – not being overly descriptive or turgid. I suppose sometimes I try to use strong words in all parts of my papers, but that’s probably where I can get to be, for lack of a better word, turgid. it will be a huge task to work through my writing and try to re-balance my points. but it will be worth it to improve my writing in a way I never thought of using until reading s&w and w.


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