another examination of self // blog post eight

after having another go at the peer review process, I guess I am becoming more comfortable with it. using the google docs format makes it really easy to comment and highlight exactly what you think could use work, and it allows the writer to see their comments all in one place. I also like that two editers can kind of comment on a thread, agreeing or disagreeing with previous comments. I do wish that there would be a mandatory discussion part, to discuss all the changes rather than just give input and never see how it turns out. I think that would add another dimension to the peer review and help everyone involved have a better understanding of the comments being made.

the only pattern I can see between the suggestions for my first two papers is that I need to dig down into my points more. I often got “explain more” or “elaborate on this” and I agree that I tend to have a lot of ideas and briefly outline them but not really get into them. it will be a challenge for me to try to focus on a single idea and really make it count rather than bringing a plethora of points into the mix. sometimes I just have so many things I want to include I find it hard to eliminate them, but I could do a better job of explaining them to my audience.

I find that the comments I am giving are mostly about sentence structure and flow. to me, it’s really important that a paper moves and grows in the right directions, and I felt that a lot of the papers I was reading kind of halted or stalled at different points. it was like I was commenting specifically on the way they organized their ideas, not the ideas themselves. I think that everyone so far has had a good basis or thesis, but they just have issues in conveying that main concept.

finally, I thought the survey was an interesting way to gather the review data all in one place, but I was a little taken aback that everyone in the class could see all the comments. hopefully nobody was nosy and looked at all of them!


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