commercials // blog post six

the first commercial I’m considering is one I see every weekend as I am an avid notre dame football fan. I’m always thought it was quite captivating, but after reading the text I think it has a lot of  “ancient style” to it. the use of an ancient Irish blessing connected with screen shots symbolizing the words being spoken works really well. I think this would fall under middle style because although it is a little sophisticated, it is also very clear about its message. I think it would be fun to interpret and analyze how the Irish blessing is being portrayed in this commercial.

the second commercial I’m considering using for analyzation is one of the iPad commercials. I think apple has the best commercials out there because they always do a great job showcasing their product in both creative and useful ways. I like the first one because the dialogue encompasses so many different ways to learn things, but the second one is also cool because even though there are only ten words in the whole thing, they are perfectly chosen. both of these would probably be considered simple style and use some cool tropes.

now I just have to choose!


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4 Responses to commercials // blog post six

  1. awagoner2011 says:

    I think the notre dame commercial would be interesting to analyze. The ipad commercial has been seen numerous times, and to be honest I have rarely seen the notre dame commercial.

  2. emulee says:

    I would argue that the Notre Dame commercial is actually more grand than middle. It features slow motion shots and each word is spoken with authority and very carefully. To me, it comes across as more grand than middle, but I can see why you think it’s more middle than grand. Additionally, the visual content is all very appropriate and I think it allows the viewer to feel an emotional connection, which was discussed in the reading.

  3. mEGAN says:

    I like the first iPad commercial more than the second one. If you really listen to it, the words “more,” “new,” “learn,” and words like that are repeated a few times. This repetition to me is artful repetition. There are a bunch of similar words repeated, and I can’t remember the name for repeating synonyms, but its there. There is also an effective use of rhetorical questions that is intriguing.

  4. alysebaby says:

    I agree with Megan, the first iPad commercial offers repetition and metaphors. But I do agree with the artful repetition in play here.

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