technologic // blog post three

when it comes to writing technology, I like to think I am pretty diverse. for school related projects, I mostly stick to the computer and the templates of word documents. so all papers, resumes, bibliographies, etc. are typed and spell-checked and formatted. however, I hate taking notes on my computer. I like the way that I can choose to outline and and bullet point things without messing with all the microsoft word controls. also, I know that I get distracted too easily on my computer and so that’s another reason I would rather take notes by hand. plus, I honestly like the feeling of a pen in my hand. my favorite kind of pens are the gel rollers that come in different colors. it makes me feel like I’m painting words onto paper. for me, writing has always seemed like an art. but the more we discuss in this class, the more I see it as technology. but who says technology isn’t a form of art?

as far as evolution, I guess I would say I was a normal kid who evolved from crayons to pencils to mechanical pencils and now to pens. it’s funny because as a kid you always think of pens as an adult utensil – I wonder who made that distinction. and now I favor pens to pencils – unless I’m doing math. doing math work is the only time I choose to use a pencil. interestingly enough, my handwriting actually varies between when I use a pencil and when I use a pen. my pencil handwriting is much more upright and disconnected, and my pen handwriting is more fluid and cursive. I guess that proves that writing is a technology because when you use different machines, you get different products.


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  1. mia says:

    i prefer writing to typing as well. your mind thinks/processes differently as you put pen/pencil to paper. i think your brain works a little harder. it is a therapeutic process. and an artistic one.

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